The Healing Within You

The Healing Within You

Recently I was asked by a reader to discuss the science of healing. It’s a pretty hefty request, so let’s boil it down to basics:

The first thing to note is that healing is not a scientific domain.

It may surprise you to know that the concept of “healing” is rarely discussed in medical schools. These schools focus on the physical sciences that govern matter and molecules, the tissues they can observe with the tools of technology. They discover ways to interact with those tissues, and they translate their findings into methods of treatment.

Healing, on the other hand, is what you do. The doctor doesn’t prescribe it and nobody can sell it to you. Although its effects can be observed, the power of healing is invisible and internal, occurring within the body.
Medical treatments are designed to help your body do what comes naturally. The proper treatment is administered, and then the healing wisdom of the body takes it from there.

For instance, if you break your arm, a medical professional can set the bone in a cast. The treatment is needed for the bone to heal properly. But it it’s not the cast that heals the broken bone; it’s the healing essence in the body that knits the bone cells back together again. The work is done by an internal force that science has never seen directly, and cannot fully explain.

When we speak of healing we’re talking about something that cannot be reliably quantified by scientific control groups and empirical data. Healing ultimately rests within the individual; one person may heal from a specific condition while for some reason, the next one does not.

Medical practitioners are at best only able to state the odds for healing and recovery. If you’re given good odds for success, it makes you feel better, more confident, with an expectation of a happy outcome. That expectation is a very powerful aspect of your own healing ability.

Not incidental to this discussion is the awareness of the energy which animates all living organisms, a force we call life. It sustains and heals the material body until the point at which it departs and leaves the lifeless matter behind.

This suggests that the healing essence in living tissue is a part of the life force within us. It has never been conclusively defined by medical science or agreed upon by world cultures, and it has never been seen under a microscope. Evidence-based mechanical medicine cannot yet focus on the energy that does the healing in our bodies, nor does it really need to.

Medical treatments originate externally; the power to heal your body, your mind, and your life occurs internally. This means you have more influence over it than you may even know.

It’s time you knew that.



At Ankylosing Spondylitis Victors Association we are not conducting medical trials or in any way practicing medicine. We are conditioning ourselves for freedom from the mental and emotional suffering associated with AS, which in turn may help to ease the physical pain and distress.